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Welcome to, your central source for all things relevant to living, working and learning in America's Finest City! San Diego, California has a strong economy fueled by defense, manufacturing and tourism, and its beautiful Southern California seaside location is truly irresistible. With entertainment ranging from the San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego to the city's thriving nightlife, San Diego is a great place to be, whether for a day or a decade. Our goal is to prove this to you, help you learn more about the city's past, present and future, and hopefully give you a few good tips on how to make the most of your stay.

Entrance Sign of the San Diego Zoo, zip code 92101Shamu the Killer Whale at Sea World San Diego, zip code 92109

Defense, manufacturing, tourism and agriculture are respectively San Diego's four largest economic sectors. Telecommunications, software and biotech are among San Diego's fastest growing industries. As California's second-largest city, and the seventh-largest in the United States, San Diego has excellent business opportunities, especially given its geographic position, nestled into the corner formed by the Pacific Ocean and the international border with Mexico. For those not yet prepared to embrace the business world, San Diego State University offers a wide variety of high-quality courses, with a total selection of 85 bachelor's degrees, 75 master's degrees, 15 doctoral degrees and 78 minors. The city is also home to plenty of sports teams and athletic opportunities, and is a major venue for surf and skateboard culture. The San Diego has many major-league and national-league sports teams, including the NFL's San Diego Chargers and the MLB's San Diego Padres.

San Diego State University, zip code 92182

Zip Codes for the City of San Diego
92101 92102 92103 92104 92105
92106 92107 92108 92109 92110
92111 92112 92113 92114 92115
92116 92117 92119 92120 92121
92122 92123 92124 92126 92127
92128 92129 92130 92131 92132
92133 92134 92135 92136 92137
92138 92139 92140 92142 92145
92147 92149 92150 92152 92153
92154 92155 92158 92159 92160
92161 92162 92163 92164 92165
92166 92167 92168 92169 92170
92171 92172 92174 92175 92176
92177 92179 92182 92184 92186
92187 92190 92191 92192 92193
92194 92195 92196 92197 92198
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